Hello lovely ladies! I’m back with an interesting and different topic. Every college girl and working woman knows how disgusting majority public washroom are! Forget the public ones, sometimes even in college, offices and malls the washroom is dirty and stinky.

Recently I came across a unique concept which can solve this issue. PeeBuddy is an innovative disposable product which can be help women  to stand and pee. Yes, it’s true ! You don’t have to squat or sit on that dirty seat to pee. The product is made especially for women to prevent UTI s and other infections caused due to unhygienic washrooms in India.


It comes in a green and white  paper envelope with all the instructions and places where we can use it. The product is also of the same colour combination but thicker material and is shaped like a funnel (or boat :P) . It is completely hygienic and safe.


The packet comes with pictorial representation of steps to make it easy to understand. One strip/funnel can be used only once. I’ll still mention the steps if you’re curious to know:

1. Gently press the top front and back to open the PeeBuddy.

2. Move your panties aside and place the open end of the product between your legs right under the flow area.

3. Tilt hips or bend a little to ensure the funnel is is tilted downward. Relax and pee.

4. Dispose off in the dustbin.


It’s meant to used in any situation and anywhere! The main purpose is to avoid dirty toilets and comfort of people with medical conditions like joint pain and pregnancy.

The packet says it’s ideal for public toilets, flight toilets , hospitals, highways, outdoors, railways and metros. People with any medical issue can also use it at home.


1. Easy to use.

2. Hygienic and safe to use.

3. It can be used by pregnant ladies too.

4. It prevents infection caused  due to sitting on dirty seats.

5. Travel friendly.

6. It is made of coated paper which makes it waterproof.

7. It’s very affordable. 30 INR per packet.


1. Availability is an issue. Available only online.


So, looking at its pros it’s clearly a must have a product in every women’s handbag! You can buy it here and avail a 15% discount by using the code “WELCOME15”. I’ll see you next time with another review or some tips. Till then take care 🙂



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