Hello people! If you have been following me on Instagram, you already know how much I love Inatur Herbal products and their events too. For the past few weeks, I have been using Inatur’s hair repair shampoo which is 100% soap free, vegan and certified organic.

The shampoo comes in a simple white bottle with cap. The bottle, however, does leak a bit and thus, it is definitely not travel friendly. It is suitable for all hair types but the focus is on dry, damaged and colour treated hair.

It’s a 200 ml of bottle and retails for 350 INR. (It was 270 INR before GST)


Apply directly to wet hair, leave for a minute, lather and then rinse off with normal water. Repeat if necessary.

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It gently cleanses and nourishes the hair from roots to the tips, leaving hair-soft, bouncy and shiny. It also prevents thinning of hair.

It contains the goodness of Amla- that rejuvenates hair and prevents hair loss, Ashwagandha- that acts as an anti-oxidant and boosts hair growth, Brahmi- which strengthens and moisturizers hair, Bhringraj- prevents hairfall, treats dandruff and dryness of scalp and Gotukula- nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair follicles.


It is available on their site and their stores. Click here to buy it online.


The shampoo is transparent and has a bubblegum kind of mild fragrance. I like it’s fragrance and even those who have sensitive nose won’t have a problem with it as the fragrance doesn’t last for long time.  The shampoo cleanses scalp very effective and makes hair manageable.

Honestly it makes my hair so manageable that I can even skip conditioners on some days. Also, it reduces hairfall to some extent. On an oily hair, one might need a bit more  quantity for removing oil. But I don’t find that as a drawback as that’s the case with all organic shampoos.

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The best thing about this shampoo is that now I don’t have to wash my hair every alternate day! Yes I mean it. It doesn’t let my scalp grease up upto 2 days.


  • The shampoo makes hair manageable.
  • It reduces hair fall to some extent.
  • It makes hair soft and silky.
  • The fragrance is sweet and mild.
  • Conditioner can be skipped when using this.


The bottle is not travel friendly. It leaks a bit.


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The shampoo is perfect for all hair types and makes hair smooth, silky and manageable. I highly recommend it to everyone especially if you are looking for an affordable and effective shampoo. Although the bottle is not travel friendly, I feel the product is good enough to deserve full ratings.

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