In this Hot and Humid Country, one can never ever think of skipping deodorants before stepping out in the sun. Sadly, most of the deodorants contain alcohol and are capable of darkening our underarms.

Thanks to my favourite Blogging community (PIKREVIEW ), I got a chance to discover an alcohol free cream deodorant from a brand called SEER SECRETS.


India experiences heat nine months a year and due to that we sweat more compared to people living in colder regions. Keeping these in mind we have formulated this unique blend of a deodorant cream which contains Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint essential oil infused with Real Silver. This formula is made by taking extra rich cream base, adding zinc & silver extracts embedded in Kaolin clay and mixing them with essential oils of Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint. Clay absorbs dirt and Silver Ions rips off the outer membrane of microbes giving freshness for long hours. Cypress works to neutralize body odors while Lemon helps absorb wetness. Underarm care is one of our most important daily routines and using our health-conscious formula will complement to your natural lifestyle. This formula contains the benefits of Lemon, Cypress and Japanese Mint essential oil which has the benefits that may cure skin itching, treats sun burns, absorbs sweat and is a natural deodorant. Even a light application gives six hours of deodorization.


Aqua, Phenoxy ethanol, Olive oil, Zinc oxide, Lemon essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Japanese Mint essential oil, Cocoa butter, Kaolin clay, Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, Linalool, Real silver leaves and Limonene.

The Seer Secret products are available on Purplle and Amazon. You can avail great discounts on this brand on Amazon.

It costs 324 INR for 100 grams but you can get it for 299 INR on Amazon.

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Seer Secret Deodorant comes in a cute plastic tub packaging with a golden lid. The tub is quite travel friendly and ensures that the product doesn’t leak.

The product is white in colour and has a very mild fragrance. The fragrance isn’t too pleasing but neither annoying. It’s mild and light so gets absorbed very quickly into the skin without making skin feel greasy.

Seer secrets, seer secrets deodorant, Japanese mint deodorant cream, deodorant cream by seer secrets, Pikreview seer secrets, Pikreview

The product works great as a deodorant and helps a lot in preventing sweat and odour. It also helps a bit in lightening underarms. The only issue I have is that the effect doesn’t last for a long duration. And since it’s a cream deodorant, it takes a little time to absorb and therefore, reapplying it can be a messy job.


  1. It is affordable.
  2. The product is highly effective.
  3. It is alcohol free.
  4. It is suitable for all skin types.
  5. The fragrance lasts for good amount of time.
  6. The deodorant also helps in lightening underarms to some extent.


  1. The tub packaging makes the application of the product unhygienic.
  2. It is available only online.
  3. It needs to be reapplied after few hours.



Overall, Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Deodorant Cream is an effective and worthy product. The cream deodorant is highly recommended to people with sweat odour issues and dark underarmsIt is affordable and often on discount but available only online. 

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