Garnier’s ULTRA BLEND range has one of the most impressive products that have been launched till date by garnier. It is a complete hair care range with precious natural ingredients that are blended in paraben free formulas.

One of the products that I have tried from this range is their 5 Precious Herbs Oil-in-cream and that’s the product I’m reviewing today!


A breakthrough innovation: get the nourishment of hair oils, not the stickiness. This unique oil-in-cream melts away without leaving sticky residue. The Ultra Blends Paraben free formula is blended with 5 precious herbs ? green tea, eucalyptus, aloe, lemon and henna, which help discover hair that are nourished, healthier and revitalised after oiling.

Garnier creates a unique Oil-in-Cream, which is enriched wtih 5 precious herbs. Discover hair that is nourished, healthier and more beautiful thus revitalized.

1. The soothing moisture of Aloe vera
2. The superior shine from Lemon
3. The unique conditioning of Henna
4. Eucalyptus’ anti bacterial freshness
5. Green Tea’s anti-oxidants with hair vitalizing properties



The product is easily available in the market as well as online on the sites like Nykaa, Amazon, etc.


the oil-in-cream is available in 2 sizes:

100 ml = 70 INR

200 ml = 120 INR


The garnier cream comes in tube very similar to the previous oil in cream of garnier. the tube is green in colour and has a golden cap. The bottle doesn’t leak and thus, the product is travel friendly. The fragrance of the oil-in-cream is somewhat herbal and definitely not something that I like about it. Texture Wise, the cream is quite runny as compared to other oil-in-creams that I have tried in the past.

Initially, I loved the using the product as a replacement of my traditional coconut oil champi as it’s less messy . The results were almost similar but soon I had to stop using it as a hair cream as the ingredient list kind of disappointed me.

But I still love to use this product as a serum to control split ends and frizzy hair. The oil-in-cream definitely works great in both ways and I am very well satisfied with the results.


  1. The oil in cream is easily available online as well as offline.
  2. It makes hair soft and manageable.
  3. The product keeps hair shiny and frizz free.
  4. It is non- sticky.
  5. The cream is affordable.


  1. It contains alcohol,mineral oil and fragrance as first 5 ingredients in the ingredient list. Excess of these ingredients is not good for scalp as well as hair.
  2. The fragrance is not so pleasing unlike the original garnier oil in cream.



Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Oil-in-Cream is a super affordable and easily available hair care product. I love using this product on the ends of my hair and on baby hair to get rid of frizz. However, I avoid using this product on my scalp as I am not so happy with it’s ingredient list and it works better as a serum for me than an oil.

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